The purpose of this PD&E Study is to implement roadway improvements that will enhance regional mobility. Improvements to this corridor include upgrading Oslo Road from a two-lane facility to a four-lane divided facility and providing intersection modifications to reduce overall delay along Oslo Road. The project team will work to provide roadway improvements that are compatible with adjacent planning and construction projects, and will develop short and long term improvement options for the corridor.

Oslo Road is a primary truck route per the Indian River County MPO Truck Traffic Routing Plan; this route provides mobility benefits and congestion relief for the industrial community and freight traffic within the project area. The land uses to the north and south of Oslo Road (east of I-95 to 74 Avenue) have been designated a Regional Workplace District. An increase in future traffic growth is expected due to population growth, economic growth and future corridor improvements.

Project At-A-Glance

Map of Oslo Road PD&E east of I-95 to 58 avenue
Four (Southeast Florida)
Start Date
Fall 2014
Est. Completion Date
Fall 2016
Preliminary Cost Estimate
Lengths and Limits
From East of SR 9/ I-95 to East of 58th Avenue (3.239 miles)
Project Manager
Ronald Wallace, P.E. FDOT Project Manager
Phone: (954) 777-4641