The proposed project would construct an interchange at I-95 and Oslo Road. Oslo Road currently crosses over, but does not provide access to I-95 at this location. An Interchange Justification Report (IJR) has been prepared which supports the justification of the proposed interchange. The IJR was approved by the Federal Highway Administration on September 18, 2014.

The I-95/Oslo Road interchange is needed in order to provide improved regional connectivity to the population. Currently, the nearest interchange to the north of Oslo Road is SR-60 and the nearest interchange to the south of Oslo Road is Indrio Road in St. Lucie County. These two existing interchanges are 9.3 miles apart. An interchange at Oslo Road has been a priority for the county since 2000. The proposed interchange would improve regional connectivity and travel time for area travelers, provide an additional evacuation route for area residents, improve incident response time along I-95 in this area and complement and facilitate the County’s planned vision for this area.

Project At-A-Glance

Four (Southeast Florida)
Start Date
Fall 2014
Est. Completion Date
Fall 2016
Preliminary Cost Estimate
Lengths and Limits
3,200 feet north and south of Oslo Road
Oslo Road: 2,400 feet west of I-95 to 1,320 feet east of 82 Avenue
82 Avenue: 4,000 feet north of Oslo Road
Project Manager
Ronald Wallace, P.E. FDOT Project Manager
Phone: (954) 777-4641